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Penalty in USA

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Medicating Prisoners
so They Can Be Killed

By Sherry F. Colb, FindLaw columnist
March 2003
Death penalty lawyers defend
rights of politically invisible

About Bryan Stevenson
Director of Equal Justice
Initiative of Alabama

The Worlds Policeman
ignores international treaties

Feature article in three Danish
newspapers, December 1999
By Niels Graverholt
Death by the needle in God's own land
Feature article in Ekstra Bladet
(Danish Newspaper), 08.06.97
By Niels Graverholt
translated to English

U.N. Death Watch
By Michael King
Texas Observer, November 7, 1997
The Worlds Policeman
Excerpt from the Editorial in the
Danish newspaper "Information", 08.11.98

Murder by all means
Prosecutors and policemen
charged with framing 2 defendants
Article from Contra Costa Times
States of execution
Texas, California contrast
reality of capital punishment
By Dan Malone and Howard Swindle
The Dallas Morning News, 11.16.97

Does Canada support
the death penalty?

Philadelphia Inquirer, Aug 8, 1998

Sister Prejean at Brown University
Providence Journal, April 17, 1999

Innocents on Death Row
New York Times, May 23, 1999

Death penalty: 'Not worth the price'
Intv. with attorney Daniel T. Goyette
Kentucky Post, May 31, 1999

The death penalty in Virginia
The commonwealth's attorney
for Spotsylvania County
May 24, 1999

The death penalty in Virginia
Executive director of Virginians
for Alternatives to the Death Penalty
May 24, 1999

We must ask about death penalty bias
Editorial, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
May 30, 1999

Prosecutors concealing evidence
AP, June 1, 1999

Tx death row inmates being moved to
Terrell Unit and the press excluded

Two articles - June 9, 1999

State's clemency process
draws international condemnation

The Dallas Morning News
Editorial, 06/08/99

Four walls of his life
Anthony Porter exonerated of
murder and set free - to what?
Chicago Tribune, July 18, 1999

Another example of racism and arbitrariness
in the American justice system.

Brian Keith Baldwin, executed
in Alabama, June 18, 1999

Innocence lost:
Prosecutors lied and cheated to
put Kerry Max Cook on
death row for 17 years.
The Dallas Observer July 1999
Florida has cheaper and faster
methods for executing inmates

July 28, 1999

Study confirms money counts
in county's courts

Houston Chronicle, Oct. 16, 1999
US Supreme Court:
Dealing justice a lethal blow

AI, Oct. 13, 1999

Correctional departments
upraged by Benetton
To The Condemned:
Rage All The Way To The Ugly End

Comment, Philadelphia Inquirer, 7-17-00
By Dave Bulley
Pepper spray and police brutality
instead of freedom of speech

Pennsylvania Abolitionist, July 2000

Don Cabana:
Death at Midnight
The confession of an executioner
Stuart Banner:
The Death Penalty: An American History

Edward Lazarus:
Closed Chambers:
The First Eyewitness Account of the
Epic Struggles Inside the Supreme Court
Helen Prejean:
Dead Man Walking
An eyewitness description
of the Death Penalty in USA

Ken Light (photographer) and
Suzanne Donovan (contributor):
Texas Death Row
Thomas Frisbie and Randy Garrett:
The True Story of 2 Innocent
Men Condemned to Die and a
Prosecution Out of Control

Dead Run
By Joe Jackson and
William F. Burks Jr. Walker and Co.
New York, N.Y. 299 pages. $12.95.
Hugo Adam Bedau:
Death Penalty in America
Current Controversies

Film review
The execution machine: Texas Death Row
By Steven G. Kellman - Texas Observer, October 10, 1997