Death Penalty and Death Row in USA

Fight the Death
Penalty in USA

The Worlds Policeman
Excerpt from the Editorial in the Danish newspaper "Information", 08.11.98

The American conception of law is more concerned about revenge than about mending. This is obvious again after the last years dramatic increase in the use of the death penalty in the USA.
The victim is in focus, and the victim or the family of the victim must have revenge. Therefor, the offender must die if we are talking about murder, or at least be humiliated in inhuman prisons if we are talking about other types of crime.
Neither rehabilitation or changes in the social conditions to reduce the risk of crime count much compared to the motive of revenge.
This applies especially when the victim for a crime is a law enforcement officer - as the case of the black journalist and condemned Abu Jamal has reminded us.
The two simultaneous bomb attacks in Nairobi and in Dar-Es-Salaam were murderous, brutal and disgusting. There is no doubt about the identity of the victim: The Worlds Policeman.
As he is also both the investigator, the judge and the executor, we can - according to the American conception of law - expect that the motive of revenge will weight much more than the wish to reform so that the risk of more similar incidents can be reduced.
We are talking about an action aimed not only against the American nation, but against americans, from the switch board lady to the 15 years old son of the consul, who accidentally visited his father in Nairobi.
So far, it has been difficult for the USA to understand that the security for its embassies, concerns and citizens depends on the degree of arrogance in its foreign policy.
It is a catastrophy for the citizens in Nairobi, in Dar-Es-Salaam, in the USA, in the Middle East - in the entire world - that USA has not long time ago withdrawn its support to the Prime Minister of Israel, Netanyahu, or at least seriously threatened to do so.
It will be the task of Europe to remind USA of and press it to a more fair policy in the Middle East - the bitterness against USA in all the above mentioned countries and many more is tremendous. So big that there are hundreds with the resources like bin Ladens resources, thousands with his conviction, and millions with his case - and all of them could have contributed to the bombings. The innocent Iraq victims from the Gold War in 1991 have more in common with the Kenyan victims than with the American victims.