Death Penalty and Death Row in USA

Fight the Death
Penalty in USA

The True Story of 2 Innocent Men Condemned to Die and a Prosecution Out of Control
by Thomas Frisbie and Randy Garrett

When 2 men were sent to death row for the rape and murder of 10-year- old Jeanine Nicarico, authorities assured the public that justice had been done. But a series of rapes and murders continued to shock Chicago's quiet far western suburbs until another man, Brian Dugan, finally was caught. Dugan admitted to the crimes, including Jeanine's murder, and it seemed that the case would be open and shut. Instead it has spiraled into an unprecedented legal showdown that will culminate this winter in the trial of "The DuPAge 7," 4 sheriff's investigators and 3 ex-county proseuctors on trial for official misconduct.
"Victims of Justice" gives the reader an unusual peek into the workings of criminal justice in the United States today. These were not defendants with incompetent lawyers in an obscure trial. From the start, the defense teams were capable, and every major step was covered thoroughtly in the mainstream news media. One of the key original detectives protested. The Naperville police chief tried to persuade prosecutors they had the wrong men. An assistant Illinois attorney general resigned in protest. The director of Illinois' Department of Law Enforcement said there had been a miscarriage of justice. A State Police commander called in to investigate the case concluded authorities had the wrong men.

How, then, could 2 innocent men each be convicted twice?

"Victims of Justice" shows how the evolving rules in criminal trials allowed prosecutors to distort the truth and the evidence. The book will be sold in major book stores after October 7, and it may be ordered now through major book stores or through the online services of and It may also be ordered now at a discount through the Web site of the MacArthur Justice Center ( Orders placed through the MacArthur site will be filled by, and 15% of the sale price will be remitted to the National Conference on Wrongful Convictions and the Death Penalty, which will be held at Northwestern University Law School in November.

Victims of Justice
ISBN Number 038079845X, 304 pages, $6.99
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