Death Penalty and Death Row in USA

Fight the Death
Penalty in USA

Living conditions on Death Row

Here I present articles etc. - including writings from Death Row inmates - describing the conditions on DR, the brutality from the guards, violations of the inmates civil rights etc.
Some of the papers are collected from different websites, and if anyone feels that I don't have the (copy)right to present some of them here, please let me know.

County jail withheld water, medication from mentally ill man
Dallas Morning News, September 9, 2004

Guards on Tx Death row barbecueing on duty
August 22, 2004

Cruel as Usual - Mississippi Death Row conditions persist
In These Times, December 30, 2003

Report on State Prisons Cites Inmates' Mental Illness
New York Times, October 21, 2003

Freedom af speech does not apply for dr inmates
The Phoenix Times, September 13, 2002

Judge orders halt to Arizona law that
censored anti-Death Penalty web sites

December 16, 2002

Former guards allege 2nd mass beating
Suit says 5 inmates were shackled first
Chicago Tribune, Febr 28, 2003
Introduction to Florida Death Row
By Richard Shere #116320, September 2002

Isolation of mentally ill inmates criticized
Chicago Tribune, September 30, 2002

About the conditions on Texas Death Row
By Nanon M. Williams, Polunsky Unit, 2002-03-16

I was reduced to an animal
By Paul Colella, Tx Death Row, 2002-02-20

Inside a Modern Death Row, the Prisoners Can Only Wait
Buried alive - until they execute you
H-Unit, Oklahoma State Penitentiary, McAlester

September 2000: In Florida they fry the inmates
April 2000: Florida also punishes the inmates' families
April 2000: Florida Dept. of Corrections plans to abolish contact visits
28 Jul 1999 : Brutality in Florida State Prisons

David Valdez (1997):
Prison life inside the California Dept. of Corrections
Florida prisons:
Full investigations of inmate abuse reports are rare
St. Petersburg Times, August 7, 1999
Still Surviving
By Nanon Williams, TX Death Row, July 1999
Florida has cheaper and faster methods for executing inmates  
Letter from Erica Sheppard, Tx Death Row, May 1, 1999  
Women on Death Row  
Mississippi inmates deprived of their freedom of speech?
My correspondence with the governors office concerning the
inmates right to use website to find pen-pals   -   Autumn 1997
A lawyer for Every Death Plea?
Jennifer & Block argues for extending rigth to counsel
By Marcia Coyle
The National Law Journal, September 1, 1997
Another face of violence
By: Michael Sharp, Texas Death Row, December 1996  
Excessive Use of Force
Statement by: Nanon Williams #999163
01-24-97, Texas Death Row
The ups and downs living day to day on Alabama death row
By Freddie Lee Wright, inmate on Alabama death row  
Prisons Punish Inmates Because of "Negative" News
September 10, 1997 - Sacramento, California  
Reductions Proposed in Law Libraries
Memorandum from Institutions Division of the California
Dept of Correction - July 15, 1997