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Treatment of Inmates

Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Code of Ethics

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice is committed to a code of Ethics that established guidelines for the performance, conduct and behaviour of employees. This code will ensure that the pride and professionalism of the Agency are reflected in its daily operations and activities and recognized by all interested parties. Employees will be guided in both their professional and personal lives by the following principles:
  • I shall maintain the highest standards of honesty, integrity and impartiality.
  • I shall uphold all Federal and State laws and Agency rules and regulations.
  • I shall be respectful, courteous and professional in my dealings with all people.
  • I shall be firm, fair and consistent in the performance of my duties.
  • I shall provide or support the provision of humane custody, supervision and care of offenders.
  • I shall perform my duties without retribution, retaliation, harassment or abuse.
  • I shall not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age disability, geographical location or economic status.
  • I shall not sexually harass or condone sexual harassment with or against any person.
  • I shall maintain confidentiality of information that has been entrusted to me in my official capacity unless I am legally compelled or authorized to do so.
  • I shall not use my official position for personal gain or the personal gain of my friends and family.
  • I shall not allow myself to be placed under any obligation which could lead any person or entity to expect official favors.
  • I shall report any corrupt or unethical behaviour which could affect employees, offenders or the integrity of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.