Death Penalty and Death Row in USA

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The death assembly line:
Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Death row inmates under television blackout
Opponents say state is ignoring a tool to control the condemned
Houston Chronicle, September 5, 2004

Mail problems in Polunsky Unit

Not much Freedom of information in Texas Prisons:
Prison system excuse for banning journalists is lame
January 7, 2004
Does Texas have standards for executing inmates?
December 14, 2003  
Statistical Information - as of september 2002  
TDCJ Lockdown Schedule  
Average Cost of a Death Penalty Case in Texas
Dallas Morning News, March 8, 1992  
Death row inmates being moved from Ellis Unit to Terrell Unit  
Visitation restrictions for Death Row inmates  
Information concerning the Terrell Unit, June 27, 1999  
Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles excludes lawyers from meetings  
TDCJ - Addresses and phone numbers  
How to make complaints on the TDCJ  
TDCJ: Executive Directory  
Execution procedures  
Texas Death Row facts and history  
Viewing Executions : The Victim Witness Preparation Process

Niels' correspondence with the TDCJ

Correspondendence restrictions  
Do the prison authorities deceive the inmates?