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An open letter to any and all who have any type of involvement with the Texas prison system:

If you are a wife, husband, family member, or a pen friend of someone incarcerated within the Texas prison system and you have occasion to conduct any business with TDCJ-ID, please take note.
This is your legitimate, recognized avenue to have your complaints and/or requests heard. The bureaucrats running the system keep these avenues hidden from the general public. If you do not speak out and make your voice heard, things will NOT begin to get any better for you or us in here.
You pay the salaries of the people running this place and making the policies that govern this system. You DO have as say in how things are run and/or things that need to be changed or improved. Now you have an "official" place to direct your dissatisfaction with the way things are run. This is your chance. Put this unknown and unused office to use.
From now on, every time you don't get the courtesy and service you feel you are entitled to, and very time you get disrespected, cheated and treated like you yourself were the criminal, then flood this office with your complaints and requests.
There's a pencil pusher sitting there on his ass getting a paycheck, when the people who are paying his salary - YOU, the taxpayers - don't even know his job exists!!
You owe it to yourselves. And you will also be doing a lot to help improve the environment your loved one has to live in.

Martin A. Draughon



Number: AD-02.03 (rev.1)
Date: May 1, 1991
Page: 1 of 2
Supersedes: AD-02.03
May 25, 1988

AUTHORITY: Section 493.010 of The Texas Government Code

PURPOSE: To outline procedures for responding to public complaints and requests regarding the Texas Department of Criminal Justice - Institutional Division (TDCJ-ID), and to establish a central office of record for the responses provided.

DISCUSSION: Section 493.010 of the Texas Government Code, established by the TDCJ-ID Sunset Legislation, requires the Division (TDCJ-ID) to develop complaint management procedures, maintain an information file about each complaint, and provide status reports at least quarterly (to persons making complaints) until the complaint is resolved. Additionally, in conjunction with the creation of the Governor's Office of Ombudsman, the Division is committed to taking an active role in responding to public complaints and requests.


Public Complaint: As applies to this policy, the term "public complaint" is defined as a letter or verbal communication directed to the Division expressing dissatisfaction with the actions, policies, decisions or performance of the Division and requesting corrective action(s) to be taken.

Public Requests: Written or verbal inquiries requesting the Division to provide information relative to its operation, inmates, policies, decisions, or performance.

NOTE: Those complaints and requests expressed by TDCJ-ID employees or inmates which are included in the established grievance procedures shall continue to be processed according to those guidelines.

I. If a complaint/request is received by the appropriate functional manager, that person will process the inquiry within a ten working day frame. However, should a complaint/request be received that is not within your purview to address, forward it immediately to:

TDCJ-ID Office of Ombudsman
Ms. Cathy Cleene
P.O. Box 99
Huntsville, Texas 77342-0099
(409) 295-6371
(409) 294-6791

II. The TDCJ-ID Office of Ombudsman will handle the actual processing of public complaints/requests as follows:

A. All complaints/requests will be immediately reviewed and logged in - noting the date received, source and general nature of the complaint/request; the staff responsible for response; the date a response is provided; and the general nature of the response.

B. If information is readily available, a written response will be forwarded immediately to the request party.

C. Complaints/requests requiring additional review will be processed in the following manner:

1. Forwarded to the appropriate functional manager, with a cover IOC noting the due date (to accommodate a response within the ten working days); and

2. The functional manager will prepare a draft response and return it to the TDCJ-ID Office of Ombudsman by the due rate for final processing.

In the event further investigation is warranted, a ten working day extension may be granted by the TDCJ-ID Office of Ombudsman.

III. The general nature of complaints/requests received by the TDCJ-ID Office of Ombudsman will be summarized monthly and provided to the Director and Deputy Directors.

IV. The TDCJ-ID Office of Ombudsman shall be the repository for complaints/requests handled through that office.

James A. Collins, Director